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Rudolf Ortvay International Competition in Physics

публикувано 20.07.2018 г., 10:39 от Todor Mishonov   [ актуализирано 16.10.2018 г., 9:08 ]
Уважаеми колеги учители моля информирайте своите ученици за това международно състезание по физика:
Let me remind you to the Rudolf Ortvay International Competition in Physics. Its homepage is: http://ortvay.elte.hu/main.html
This year the competition (the 49th one and the 21th international one!)
will be held from 26th October to 5th November. This means, that the
problems will be published in the above mentioned page on 26th October,
and the solutions can be submitted until 5th November.
Please, call the attention of your students on the opportunity. I hope, they will participate.