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Student competition „Devices for the Physics Class Rooms“ 2013

публикувано 5.03.2013 г., 2:36 ч. от Valya Mishonova

Sofia Branch of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria is organising again the traditional secondary school student’s contest Devices for the Physics Class Rooms which will take place on 8 June 2013 (Saturday) at 9 h in the Faculty of Physics of the Sofia University, 5 James Bourchier Blvd., Sofia. Updated information about the competition as well as the Application Form in English could be found on the web site of the Sofia Branch of the UPB Дейности. The deadline for the electronic submission of the applications is 27 May 2013. The deadline for submission of the contest materials (devices and computer programmes) is 6 June 2013.

The file with the last update (4/3/2013) of the full announcement in English is attached at http://bgphysics.eu/deynosti/konkurs-uredi-za-kabineta-po-fizika