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EPS Committee of European Integration. David Lee and Christophe Rossel, 23 February 2017

публикувано 1.03.2017 г., 1:38 ч. от Todor Mishonov   [ актуализирано 27.03.2017 г., 9:13 ч. ]
Има закачен и български превод.
...Physical societies as natural interlocutors on subjects such as curricula in physics.
... However, the situation is degrading at present, notably as a result of a lack of research funding and of the disregard of physics as an important teaching subject at schools. This will lead to a decline in the number and quality of physicists trained in their countries.The consequence is evidently a brain drain to other richer countries, and this already at the high school level!
... the general decrease of support for science and physics by national governments. In several countries there is also a lack of experimental laboratory facilities at the school level.
... Teacher training is very poor, and the number of qualified teachers in physics is very low.
... A catalogue of cheap and easy physics experiments (the EPS Physics Education Division is developing the MUSE project that does this already).
... A standard curricula at the secondary school level (including the number of hours of physics taught).
... A day of physics.
Todor Mishonov,
1.03.2017 г., 1:38 ч.