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Academic strugle in Macedonia

публикувано 17.01.2015 г., 11:02 ч. от Todor Mishonov
Dear colleagues,
last few months university professors together with the their students are fighting big battle to defend the university autonomy and academic dignity. The government of Macedonia decided to make changes in the Law of high education as well to establish few other new exotic laws, which penetrate deep in the competencies of the university and destroy academic freedom. The most stupid change in the Law of High Education is the one according to which at the end of the second year of studies and at the end of fourth year of studies, state commission will test the students' knowledge in all subjects they study. This means that some bureaucratic commission will check the professors' marks.

About 10 000 professors and students organized protest march. How it looked like you can see here:

A letter supporting the professors and students is already signed by many colleagues around the world and sent to the President of Republic of Macedonia, who can use his veto to stop these laws. The letter is signed by:
Todd May, Clemson University, USA
Tariq Ali, writer
Michael Hardt, Duke University
Antonio Negri, philosopher
Johan Galtung, Norwegian Academy of Science
Stefano Bianchini, Universitu of Bologna
Gil Anidjar, Columbia University
Judth Butler, University of California, Berkeley
Vedrana Cvetkovska, Universiry of British Columbia, Canada
... and other 80 colleagues from whole world.

Please sign the on-line petition
and give support to our struggle.
Thank you,